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Synthesis Partners collects, integrates, and analyzes hard–to–find open–source information in an environment of information overload to provide decision–makers with previously unavailable knowledge and insights. The company delivers actionable technology and business intelligence content and processes covering a wide range of technical fields and markets.

The company's offerings can be broadly grouped into two areas: Technology Intelligence, which identifies and assesses relevant technologies and considers the attributes of technologies and their applications in specific settings, and Market Intelligence, which includes characterizations of factors such as economic, political and other trends, decision–makers and their criteria, competitors, and partners, among others. Many of our projects incorporate elements of both areas.

Technology Intelligence

Synthesis provides high value targeted Technology Intelligence to executive–level clients worldwide. Our approach covers both broad technology trend analyses and specific decision–making needs. Synthesis Partners has a variety of project examples that illustrate our customer–specific, targeted approach, including:

  • Identifying, analyzing, and monitoring technologies from a wide range of sources
  • Assessing likely future technology developments and associated impacts
  • Patent analysis to characterize competitive landscapes
  • Off-Axis Technology Scouting to identify emerging potentially disruptive technologies which could impact investment and other plans
  • Conducting technology and corporate due diligence, especially related to competitive risks and opportunities
  • Applying flexible analytical tools (including Value Models) to assess and rank technologies and options in specific operational settings
  • Assessing the potential applicability of processes and technologies to specific requirements.

Market Intelligence

Synthesis applies a targeted open source intelligence collection and analysis process to Market Intelligence issues for private sector and government clients. Project examples include:

  • Identifying an emerging competitive threat, the product, and entry timing.
    • A follow–on project identified and framed emerging new markets to apply the company´┐Żs key technologies and skills.
  • Characterizing the decision–making landscape regarding a major program, including emerging organizing concepts, their sponsors, supporters, and detractors.
  • Assessing the relative strengths and weaknesses of competitors in a high–stakes competition.
  • Defining and understanding the circumstances and scenarios in which a large customer could follow a certain course of action.
  • Identifying critical decision–makers, their motives, and influencers.
  • Identifying and characterizing emerging markets and applications for a commodity product to enable early awareness of opportunities.

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